Esthetics and Smile Make Overs

We are very excited to share our success “ before and after” photos of some very happy people who, for whatever their personal reasons, have changed their lives in some way by simply changing their smile.


Composite Resins



Yarlarsky Before and After Schryer Before and After Grandmont Before and After



Fetterly Before and After Ducharme Before and After Mike's first build up


Lower Teeth Only

Lower Teeth Only - website


Sports Injuries

Always use a proper mouth guard!





Using Invisalign to straighten even the toughest case is a dream!


Invisalign and Composite Veneers

You can use a combination of Invisalign and composite veneers to achieve a straight, white smile!

Spaces and Gaps

Closing up spaces is easily achieved, and we love to do a mock up, or a temporary treatment, just to show you what it will look like before doing the final treatment.


No matter what your preferences are, we would love to sit and discuss the best course of treatment that would benefit your needs and you too can experience a potentially life changing, brand new smile.