We have been using Invisalign for over five years now.  Initially Dr. Johnston used it to straighten his teeth to see what it was like to wear.  It is simple to use, just changing trays every two weeks, as you can take the trays out to eat or drink, and place them back in.

We’ve done a large number of cases, and each of the patients has been pleased with the results.  One of the advantages is that no one knows that you are wearing them, and you can even speak normally when they are in.

While the results are pleasing, there are limits to what can be corrected with Invisalign, and that’s where our diagnosis is important.  If we do an analysis, and suggest it will do the job, success is the outcome as long as the trays are worn.Some orthodontic cases still have to be corrected by an orthodontic specialist with braces, and knowing  where that line is between referring and doing the case with Invisalign is very important.

An Invisalign consultation is always at no charge and can be scheduled almost right away, to determine if you qualify.

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