Our 2016 Newsletter



Dr. Rod Johnston
Clinic Newsletter 2016

I love this time of the year because I get to send updates to all of our dental friends and families to let you know what new and exciting things have happened since our last

About a year ago, the staff and I had a discussion about the future of the clinic and how to go about a succession plan. I would like to work another 10 years, but we wanted a way
for the clinic to smoothly carry on. We agreed that in about 3 years we’d start to advertise and look for a young associate who would want to learn everything that we do, and would
want to carry the clinic on the way it is. We decided it would be best to get a dentist recently graduated who we could mold to the ways of our clinic.


Dr. Mike Ross is from North Bay and wanted to return here after graduating. He wrote to every dental office in the area, visited every one that responded, including ours, and chose our practice as the one he wanted to locate to. This happened sooner than I had planned, but he was exactly the person we had designed in our plan. From his point of view he wanted a practice that was very up to date with technology and techniques, so that he could be mentored.

He came up in November of last year, and met every one of the staff. We all approved of him, checked his amazingly positive references, and agreed to have him start
with us in June of this year to join our team of wonderful professionals. He’s been very dedicated, and I’m thrilled that he has been graciously accepted by those who have had
the pleasure of seeing him at their last dental visits.

Dr. Ross is happy to be back in his home town. He enjoys the outdoors and spends a lot of summer weekends at his family’s cottage on Lake Nipissing. Having him here allows myself and my lovely
bride Tracy to spend a few extra weeks off now and again without worrying about having to close the clinic. There is much less waiting time to get in for an appointment, as Mike and I now share the load. In preparation for his arrival, we installed a larger and more private operatory where I perform all of our implant procedures. Many of the dentists in North Bay who do not actually place implants, refer their patients here for the procedure rather than refer them out of town. Thanks to our 3D scanner or CBCT xray machine, it’s easier
than ever to virtually place implants, and then to have a guide made so that we can place the implants with accuracy within 1/10 of a millimeter .

Once we had a new associate, and an extra operatory, we had to add some staff to make things run smoothly.
On that note…..

Tina Benn, who joined us last December while our assistant Brittany was off during her one year maternity leave, is now with us full time. The bonus for us is that Tina is
a hygienist and will now fill in for Rebecca starting January as she leaves for her one year maternity leave. With her experience as both assistant and hygienist Tina is cross
trained and is able to fill in for either position wherever she will be needed in a pinch.

Rebecca, who is one of our full-time Hygienists, and her husband are thrilled to announce that they are having a little girl who will bless them with her presence in early 2017. Since
this is their first child, they are very excited and can’t wait to meet her.

We quickly realized that we could put all of this knowledge and experience to good work, so we are building yet another new hygiene operatory to facilitate the now bigger patient load. We continue to use the laser for difficult periodontal situations. The hygienists are very pleased with the results, and we’re finding it often avoids having to have gum surgery for difficult periodontal conditions. Tina and Renée will be attending a Hygiene Laser Course in December.

Renée Joly graduated this spring from the 3 year Hygiene program at Canadore. She has also joined our practice and is now trained as an assistant. This means we now have 2 hygienists who have been cross trained and I love the fact that they will be able to fill in anywhere in the clinic. She loves dentistry, as the rest of us do, and looks forward to coming to work every day. She’ll be staying on as a part-time Hygienist as well as an assistant when Brittany comes back.

Alison Collins, known as Ali, is our newest addition to our ever growing admin staff. Ali brings with her many years of experience in dental administration. She is a very kind and
gentle professional with a great background in front desk duties, treatment coordinating, accounting and much more. We’re very lucky to have her. With Ali here, it has allowed us to utilize our treatment coordinator’s office to the max.

Donna, who has moved permanently into the Treatment Coordinator’s position, is now always on hand to meet with anyone who has any questions or concerns about treatment
diagnosed, fees, treatment timeline, insurance inquiries or if you just need information for different treatment options available to you. Our team now has a full compliment of
professionals to meet all of your dental needs.


Brittany has been off for the past year on a maternity leave. She has a bright little blond haired, blue eyed cutie named Griffin. He was born at 28 weeks and spent some time at CHEO in Ottawa. Weighing only 2 lbs, 13 oz., he proved to be a real fighter. He has grown exponentially and is now on the move, keeping mom on her toes. She has enjoyed her time off, but looks forward to getting back to dentistry in January.

We hosted an information night in March about dental implants with a speaker from Nobel Biocare, and it was a great success. Due to popular demand, we are planning another one in the spring. Our focus will be the many ways to restore functionality and looks to your mouth. We will present and discuss the best options available to replace ill-fitting or loose and uncomfortable dentures along with the benefits of an “All on 4 dental implants” as shown below. As mentioned in our previous newsletters, our updated x-ray system and Cone Beam Computed Tomography or CBCT 3D scan, have been an absolute dream to work with. It is the foundation for our tremendous guided implant success over the past 3 years. Using this “guided” system takes all the guess work
out of planning and placing implants without invasive surgery, and we’ve placed approximately 200 implants with this system now.


“All on 4” bridge placed on 4 guided implants


Myself and our amazing dental team have taken courses so that we are up to date with the latest dental developments. Dentistry is very different now than it was even just 10 years ago, with far more painless and more reliable treatments than were ever possible before. We’re also really enjoying the make-overs to improve the esthetics of many smiles. Visit our website,
www.rodjohnstondentist.com as we are updating some “Before and After Smiles” on a regular basis.

We hope you have a wonderful 2017 Holiday Season,and thank you so much for choosing us as your dental team.
Dr. Johnston, Dr. Ross and Team

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined”.  –Henry David Thoreau